Our Philosophy

We offer Custom Floral Design and Styling Services for Weddings, Events, Corporate, Galas and Holiday Decor. 


Whether you’re hosting an intimate wedding with your closest friends and family, or a Gala for your favorite charity, event styling and flowers will infuse it with color and joy.


What do you dream your event can be?  All white, romantic, traditional? Or blush, elegant? Or colorful? We can help you bring it to life with flowers, linens, chairs, lighting, stationery and decor.


We cooperate with nature, working with seasonally available colors and textures to create artistic arrangements that express your vision. We invite you to participate in the process—but if you want a floral surprise, we promise it will be a happy one.

Choose centerpieces with soft blush roses, carry a bouquet of pink peonies, welcome guests to a table of white hydrangea, roses, stock and orchids (yes, we love soft colors) or decorate your home in sophisticated or traditional style for the holidays.


In everything we do, from our traditional Western or Ikebana to sculptural European Design  to casual organic arrangements, we add special touches that make your event unforgettably beautiful.


                                     Colorful Events is serving the San Francisco Bay Area and we consult                                                                   by appointment.  We’d love to hear from you!  

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