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Colorful Events was founded from Gabby's passion for creativity and color. After 15 years’ experience in hospitality industry, she decided to blend her expert event-organizing skills and her colorful imagination in a career that makes the most of all of those talents: event styling and floral design. Gabby learned her craft with the of the best artists and leaders in the floral industry. She  quickly became one of the most trusted and respected designers in the Bay Area, a reputation that led to be one of the best Floral Designers. Gabby’s dream is to make every day more positive, colorful and bright—the inspiration for the name Colorful Events,

When you meet Gabby, you’ll see that she indeed radiates warmth and joy, qualities that make her floral creations lively, vibrant and unforgettable and Gabby and her team will love to see the “wow” reactions to the settings they create for you. 

Mission Statement: "Our mission is to help you to decorate your party, get the most for your money and make sure you enjoy your event as much as we would love to participate in making it a huge success because life is a party!

                                                                               Bringing color to your events! 

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